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Pickling Jar Terrarium

Pickling jar filled with soil, mini ferns, and moss
Back at the end of September I had the idea to make terrariums in some of my European pickling jars and they turned out perfect. It's now mid January and my little ferns are thriving. These are so easy to make. I went to my local nursery and picked out some mini ferns. Most garden centers or nurseries will have a section with mini plants. Here's what you will need...


•Pickling Jar or other glass container
•Potting soil
•Assortment of Mini Plants (I chose ferns)
•Twigs or other decorations

mini fernsmossfound twig
To make:  Add a nice layer of soil to your container, making mounds or sloping the soil.  Next plant your plants in the soil, patting down the soil at the base of each plant.  I added in moss to cover all the soil, tucking it all around the plants.  Lastly I added some small moss covered twigs.  
pickling jar with soil and mini ferns
Care:  I tend to add water to my containers every two to three weeks.  You just want to moisten the potting soil not completely saturate it.  This is important.

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